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in the G20

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue communiqué, Riyadh, February 23, 2020

G20 health ministers issue declaration, Okoyama, Japan, October 20, 2019

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue press releases on international taxation and global stablecoins, October 18, 2010

G20 labour and employment ministers issue ministerial declaration, Matsuyama, Japan, September 2, 2019

G20 Osaka Leaders' Declaration and G20 Osaka Leaders' Statement on Preventing Exploitation of the Internet for Terrorism and Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism, June 29, 2019

Joint Statement on BRICS Leaders' Informal Meeting on the Margins of G20 Summit, Osaka, Japan, June 27, 2019

G20 energy and environment ministers issue communiqué, action plan, implementation framework for marine plastic litter and more, Karuizawa, June 16, 2019

G20 trade and digital ministers communiqué and chairs' statement, Tsubuka, Japan, June 9, 2019

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors' communiqué, Fukuoka, Japan, June 9, 2019

G20 agriculture ministers release declaration with three annexes, Niigata, Japan, May 12, 2019

Buenos Aires Update: Moving Forward the G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Buenos Aires, December 1, 2018

G20 Leaders' Declaration: Building Consensus for Fair and Successful Trade, Buenos Aires, December 1, 2018

G20 health ministers issue declaration, Mar del Plata, Argentina, October 4, 2018

G20 trade and investment ministers release statement, Mar del Plata, Argentina, September 14, 2018

G20 labour and employment ministers release declaration, Mendoza, Argentina, September 7, 2018

G20 education and labour ministers release joint declaration, Mendoza, Argentina, September 6, 2018

G20 education ministers release declaration, Mendoza, Argentina, September 5, 2018

G20 digital economy ministers release declaration, Salta, Argentina, August 24, 2018

G20 agriculture ministers issue declaration, Buenos Aires, July 28, 2018

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue communiqué, Buenos Aires, July 22, 2018

G20 energy ministers issue communiqué, Bariloche, Argentina, June 15, 2018

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue communiqué and annex, Buenos Aires, March 20, 2018

Overview of Argentina's 2018 G20 Presidency, December 1, 2017

All the documents issued at the Hamburg Summit, July 8, 2017

G20 Leaders' Declaration: Shaping an Interconnected World, Hamburg, July 8, 2017

BRICS leaders hold informal briefing on margins of Hamburg Summit, July 7, 2017

Hamburg G20 Leaders' Statement on Countering Terrorism, July 7, 2017

G20 health ministers issue declaration in Berlin, May 20, 2017

G20 labour ministers issue declaration with five appendices, Bad Neuenahr, May 19, 2017

G20 ministers responsible for digitalization release declaration with three appendices, Düsseldorf, April 7, 2017

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue communiqué with background documents, Baden Baden, March 18, 2017

G20 agriculture ministers issue declaration and action plan, Berlin, January 22, 2017

Germany publishes G20 Germany 2017 brochure

Germany announces its priorities for the 2017 Hamburg Summit, December 2, 2016

Wolfgang Schäuble: Global Solutions Needed for Global Challenges, December 1, 2016

Germany announces agenda for G20 Hamburg Summit, November 30, 2016

Germany assumes the G20 presidency for the 2017 Hamburg Summit

The Annex to the Hangzhou Communiqué contains more documents, including accountability documents, September 14, 2016

G20 Hangzhou Blueprint for Innovative Growth, Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative, Innovation Action Plan, Hangzhou Action Plan, September 5, 2016 (more to come!)

G20 Hangzhou Summit communiqué, September 5, 2016, Hangzhou

Agenda of the 2016 Hangzhou Summit, August 30, 2016

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors issue statement, Chengdu, July 24, 2016

G20 labour and employment ministers issue declaration with seven annexes, Beijing, July 13, 2016

G20 trade ministers issue statement with three annexes, Shanghai, July 10, 2016

G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting Beijing Communiqué, June 29, 2016

G20 agriculture ministers issue communiqué, Xi'an, China, June 3, 2016

Communiqué of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Washington DC, April 15, 2016

G20 Presidency Statement on Climate Change at the G20 Sherpa Meeting, Guangzhou, April 8, 2016

Communiqué of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Shanghai, February 27, 2016

Angela Merkel announces Germany's 2017 summit will be in Hamburg on July 6-9, February 12, 2016

China publishes draft schedule of meetings for its 2016 presidency

Xi Jinping's message for the 2016 Hangzhou Summit

China assumes G20 2016 presidency and launches official website

G20 Factsheet on summit outcomes, November 17, 2015

Annexes to the G20 Antalya Communiqué, including the Antalya Action Plan and the Accountability Plan, November 16, 2015

G20 Statement on the Fight Against Terrorism, November 16, 2015

G20 leaders' communiqué, Antalya, November 16, 2015

BRICS informal meeting on the margins of the Antalya Summit, November 15, 2015

Official program of the Antalya Summit, November 15-16, 2015

Inaugural Women's 20 communiqué, Istanbul, October 17, 2015

Chair's summary of the G20 trade ministers meeting, Istanbul, October 6, 2015

Remarks by Nihat Zeybekci, Turkey's Minister of the Economy, at the opening of the trade ministers' meeting, Istanbul, October 6, 2015

G20 energy ministers' communiqué, Istanbul, October 2, 2015

T.20 tourism ministers' declaration, Antalya, October 2, 2015

Remarks by Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening of the G20 energy ministers meeting, Istanbul, October 2, 2015 [unofficial transcript]

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors communiqué, Ankara, September 5, 2015

G20 finance and labour ministers statement, Ankara, September 4, 2015

G20 labour and employment ministers' Ankara Declaration, Ankara, September 4, 2015

G20's website for the Employment Working Group

G20 agriculture ministers communiqué, Istanbul, May 8, 2015

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors statement, Washington, April 17, 2015

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors statement, Istanbul, February 10, 2015

Turkey announces its priorities for the 2015 Antalya Summit

Press conferences by Tony Abbott, Barack Obama and David Cameron, Brisbane, November 16, 2014

2014 G20 Brisbane Summit Communiqué, November 16, 2014, with supporting documents

2014 Brisbane Action Plan, November 16, 2014

Tony Abbott's opening remarks at the first plenary session, NOvember 15, 2014

G20 Leaders' Brisbane Statement on Ebola, Brisbane, November 15, 2014

Tony Abbott's remarks at the G20 leaders' retreat, Brisbane, November 15, 2014

Joe Hockey's remarks at the finance ministers' meeting, Brisbane, November 15, 2013

Finance ministers' statement, Brisbane, November 15, 2014

Joe Hockey's Media Release after the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Washington DC, October 10, 2014

Communiqué, G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Cairns, September 21, 2014

2014 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration, Melbourne, September 11, 2014

G20 Statement on Safer and Healthier Workplaces, Melbourne, September 11, 2014

Chair's summary of the G20 trade ministers' meeting, Sydney, July 19, 2014

G20 trade ministers' press conference, Sydney, July 19, 2014

Honourable Andrew Robb's opening remarks at the trade ministers' meeting, Sydney, July 19, 2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the B20 summit, Sydney, July 17, 2014

Civil 20, Melbourne, June 20-21, 2014

Communiqué of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, Washington DC, April 11, 2014

Statement by Joe Hockey on the conclusion of the G20 finance minsterial, Washington DC, April 11, 2014

Agenda of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Washington DC, April 10-11, 2014

BRICS foreign ministers statement refers to G20 Brisbane Summit, March 24, 2014

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors communiqué, February 23, 2014

Australian treasurer Joe Hockey's address to the Lowy Institute, February 6, 2014

Australian PM Tony Abbott's address to Davos, January 23, 2014

Australia assumes G20 presidency, December 1, 2014

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting communiqué, October 11, 2013

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Washington DC, October 10-11, 2013

Joint Statement on Syria, September 6, 2013

G20 Leaders' Declaration, St. Petersburg, September 6, 2013

St. Petersburg Action Plan, September 6, 2013

G20 5th Anniversary Vision Statement, September 6, 2013

Advancing Transparency in Regional Trade Agreements, September 6, 2013

G20 Roadmap Towards Strengthened Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking, September 6, 2013

Tax Annex to the Saint Petersburg G20 Leaders Declaration, September 5, 2013

St Petersburg Accountability Report on G20 Development Commitments, August 28, 2013

Communiqué of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, Moscow, July 20, 2013

Communiqué of the G20 labour and employment and finance ministers, Moscow, July 19, 2013

Communiqué of the G20 labour and employment ministers, Moscow, July 19, 2013

Communiqué of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, Washington DC, April 19, 2013

G20 Speakers' Consultation, Mexico City, April 4-5, 2013

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting in 2014: February 21-23, Sydney, Australia

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Moscow, February 15-16, 2013: Communiqué

The Russian Presidency of the G20: Outline

Scheduled events under the Russian presidency, as of December 1, 2012

Vladimir Putin's address on Russia assuming the G20 presidency, December 1, 2012

Russia assumes presidency of the G20, December 1, 2012

G20 finance ministers and central bankers to meet in Moscow, February 15-16, 2013

G20 finance ministers and central bankers communiqué, November 5, 2012

Russia to host G20 summit in St. Petersburg in September 5-6, 2013

United States cancels meeting of Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), October 4, 2012

Australia to host G20 summit in Brisbane on November 15-16, 2014

G20 finance ministers statement on European Union Summit, June 29, 2012

G20 Los Cabos declaration, action plan and commitments, June 19, 2012 [también in español]

G7 finance ministers issue statement on Greece, June 17, 2012

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors final communiqué, Washington, April 19-20, 2012

Joint statement by G20 and International Monetary and Finance Committee on IMF Resources, April 20, 2012

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors communiqué, February 26, 2012

G20 foreign ministers meeting, Mexico, February 18-20, 2012

Felipe Calderón — Stand Alone, Global Economic Crisis: Role and Challenges of the G20, Davis, January 26, 2012 [Español]

Mexico's discussion paper for Los Cabos Summit / Documento de discusión de la Presidencia Mexicana

Mexico's priorities for the Los Cabos Summit / Prioridades de la Presidencia Mexicana

Felipe Calderón: Current Challenges for Global Economic Growth / Los Retos Actuales para el Crecimiento Económico Mundial

Documents from the Cannes Summit, November 4, 2011

Joint B20 and L20 statement, November 4, 2011

Young Entrepreneurs G20 communiqué, November 2, 2011

Cannes Final Declaration: Building a Common Future / Déclaration finale de Cannes: bâtir un avenir commun, November 4, 2011

Cannes Action Plan for Growth and Jobs / Plan d’action de Cannes pour la Croissance et l'Emploi, November 4, 2011

Final communiqué from the Cannes Summit / Communiqué: Sommet des chefs d'État et de gouvernement du G20, November 4, 2011

Official draft programme of the Cannes Summit [English] [Français]

G20 finance ministers communiqué, October 15, 2011 [English] [Français]

G20 labour ministers conclusions, September 27, 2011 [English] [Français]

G20 development communiqué and action plan, Washington DC, September 23 [English] [Français]

G20 finance communiqué, Washington DC, September 22, 2011 [English] [Français]

Statement by G20 finance ministers and central bank governors, August 8, 2011 / Communiqué des ministres des finances et banquiers centrales du pays du G20, 8 août 2011

G20 Plan of Action on Food Price Volatility / G20 Plan d'action sur la volatilité des prix alimentaire et sur l'agriculture, June 23, 2011, Paris

G20 finance communiqué, April 15, 2011 [English]

Press dossier prepared for the G20 finance ministerial, Washington DC, April 14-15, 2011 [Français]

Speech by Nicolas Sarkozy at the G20 seminar on reform of the international monetary system, Nanking, China, March 31, 2011 [English] [Français]

G20 energy and finance ministers to meet in March or April 2011

G20 finance communiqué, February 19, 2011 [English] [Français]

Speech by Nicolas Sarkozy at the G20 finance ministerial, February 18 2011 [en français]

France issues invitations to the Cannes Summit, February 12, 2011

2011 G20 finance ministerials will be held in France on February 18-19, April 14, September 23 and October 16

G20 agriculture ministers to meet for first time: May 24-25, 2011

G20 labour and employment ministers meeting, September 25-27, 2011

Press conference by Nicolas Sarkozy with presentation on G20 and G8 summits, Paris, January 24, 2011 [Dossier en français]

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, Paris, February 18-19, 2011; deputies meeting , February 17-18, 2011

G20 leaders declaration and supporting documents, Seoul, November 12, 2010

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors communiqué, Gyeongju, Korea, October 23, 2010

Final declaration of the Toronto Summit, June 26, 2010 [now also in Chinese]

G20 speakers consultation, Ottawa, September 2-5, 2010 (presiding officers of the upper and unicameral houses)


Riyadh Summit, November 21-22, 2020
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What's New
in G20 Research

John Kirton: Integrating the Environment into the G20 Finance Meeting, February 24, 2020

John Kirton: Promising Prospects for Planetary Preservation at Saudi Arabia's G20 in 2020, December 6, 2019

Brittaney Warren: Governing Through Goals: The G20 and UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, December 6, 2019

Daniella Vana: G20 Global Health Governance, 2008-2018, October 7, 2019

John Kirton: The G20's Growing Legitimacy, October 25, 2019

T20 Recommendations Realized: 2016 Hangzhou, by Julia Tops and Angela Min Yi Hou, October 25, 2019

Denisse Rudich: Round-Up of Financial Crime, Corruption and Terrorism Initiatives at the G20 Osaka Summit, August 24, 2019

Brittaney Warren: Climate Ambition Stagnant at G20 Osaka Summit, July 29, 2019

David Welch: Are G20 Summits Worth It?, July 3, 2019

John Kirton: The G20 Osaka Summit's Broad Substantial Success, June 29, 2019

John Kirton: A Summit of Broad Substantial Success: Prospects for the G20 Osaka Summit, June 27, 2019 (updated)

Angela MinYi Hou: Will Osaka's BRICS Summit Spur the G20 Toward Success?, June 27, 2019

2018 G20 Buenos Aires Final Compliance Report, June 26, 2019

The G20-UN Relationship: Working Together for a Secure, Sustainable World, conference at Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya, June 23, 2019

The G20 Osaka Summit: Prospects and Possibilities, joint workshop at Keio Univerity, June 20, 2019

Brittaney Warren: First Meeting of G20 Environment and Energy Ministers, June 22, 2019

John Kirton: Prospects and Possibilities for Japan's Osaka Summit, June 20, 2019

Now available — two publications! G20 Japan: The 2019 Osaka Summit, with contributions from Shinzo Abe, Taro Aso, Taro Kono and many more, and Health: A Political Choice

David Welch: (East Asian Security)

John Kirton: (Prospects for the G20 Osaka Summit)

Brittaney Warren: (G20 Performance on Climate Change)

Julia Kulik: (G20 Performance on Gender Equality)

Christine Lagarde: How to Help, Not Hinder Global Growth, June 5, 2019

T20 Task Force 3 Recommendations on Climate Change and Environment available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

Full communiqué of the T20 Japan Summit, with recommendations from 10 task forces

John Kirton: The G20 Osaka Summit's Prospective Trade Success, May 16, 2019

"Prospects for Japan's G20 Osaka Summit," a full-day conference on May 8, 2019, with webcast, organized by the Centre for the Study of Global Japan

Brittaney Warren and John Kirton: Recommendations Realized: From T20 to G20 2018, March 12, 2018

Duja Muhanna: Tackling Health at the Buenos Aires Summit and Beyond, December 6, 2018

Chris Sims: Corruption and the G20: An Insufficient Success, January 9, 2019

G20 Summit Costs, 2010–2018, compiled by Duja Muhanna, November 28, 2018

John Kirton and Brittaney Warren: G20 Governance of Climate Change: Performance, Prospects and Proposals, December 10, 2018

Join us — online or in person — for "Prospects and Possibilities for Japan's 2019 G20 Osaka Summit International Conference" at Soka University, Tokyo, on Monday, December 10, 2018

Anthony Payne: The G20 in Argentina Needs to Address Its Own Failings As Well As the Many Problems Facing the Global Economy

Denisse Rudich: G20 Remains Committed to Fighting Corruption, December 1, 2018

John Kirton: A Summit of Solid Success: The 2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit, December 1, 2018

John Kirton: Japan's Priority Agenda for its G20 Osaka Summit 2019, December 1, 2018

Tristen Naylor: Ten Years of the G20: The Illiberal Turn of Neoliberalism's Saviour, December 1, 2018

Britanney Warren: G20 Leaders at Buenos Aires Leave Climate for Katowice, December 1, 2018

John Kirton: Japan's 2019 G20 Osaka Summit Agenda, December 1, 2018

John Kirton: Shaping Up As A Small Success as G20 Buenos Aires 2018, December 1, 2018

John Kirton: Struggling for Success at the G20's Buenos Aires Summit, November 30, 2018

2017 G20 Hamburg Summit Final Compliance Report now available

Prospective Agenda of the Buenos Aires Summit, November 27, 2018

Catherine Tsalikis: Can the G20 Save Globalization's Waning Reputation? OpenCanada, November 27, 2018

Strong Support for International Cooperation among Citizens of the G20 States, according to the Bertelsmann Foundation, November 22, 2018

Andrew Liu on G7 Host to G20 Participant: What can Canada offer the 2018 summit in Buenos Aires?

NOW AVAILABLE! Download your copy of G20 Argentina: The 2018 Buenos Aires Summit, with articles by Mauricio Macri, Justin Trudeau, Christine Lagarde, Roberto Azevêdo, and many, many, many more

Inge Kaul: Implementing the 2030 Agenda: What Role for the Group of Twenty (G20)? A discussion draft commissioned by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, June 1, 2018

Sophie Barnett: G20 Governance of Digitalization, 1999-2017, version of August 7, 2018.

Nicolas Carver (@WorldTempo) 2018-08-06, 4:43 PM: #C20Summit: @stevept gives a shout-out to the University of Toronto's @g20rg for being the only place where you can find all the G20 communiqués, to track the group's progress and commitments.

2017 G20 Hamburg Summit Interim Compliance Report, August 5, 2018

Francesco Bergoglio Errico and Chiara Oldani: Migration toward Europe and Foreign Terrorist Fighters, July 23, 2018

Watch Madeline Koch on preparing compliance reports, at the House of Commons in London, July 18, 2018

Watch John Kirton on demonstrating good governance, at the House of Commons in London, July 18, 2018

Brittaney Warren: How G20 Agriculture Ministers' Meetings Influence Leaders' Commitments and Compliance, July 13, 2018

Alexandre T. Gingras: The Roles of G7 and G20 Foreign Ministers, June 2, 2018

John Kirton, Andy Knight and C. James Hospedales: Implementing Global Summit Commitments on Health, April 2, 2017

Peter I. Hajnal: "The Group of Twenty (G20)," in Elgar Encyclopedia of International Economic Law (Edward Elgar, 2017), pp. 84-86

March 12: Shaping Global Summitry live webcast from the Munk School of Global Affairs — program here

Paul Botta: The Potential Impact of the G20 on Argentina's Foreign Policy, February 28, 2018

John Kirton: Strengthening Economic, Energy and Food Security through Canada's G7 and G20 Summits from Kananaskis 2002 to Charlevoix 2018, February 7, 2018

John Kirton: Liberal Order and the G20, December 21, 2017

Jonathan Luckhurst: November Asia-Pacific Summits Influenced by Global Authority Shifts, November 6, 2017

G20 Insights: T20 Recommendations Realized, by John Kirton and Brittaney Warren, November 3, 2017

Sabrina Shaw's Vista from Buenos Aires: Championing Latin America in the G20, November 3, 2017

2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit Compliance Report on Young Entrepreneurship, August 28, 2017

Alexandre Gingras: Fire, Fury and the G20, September 21, 2017

Sarah Mariani and Martin Dionne: How Can the G20 Use AI to Help Create Sustainable Communities in an Inter-Connected World? September 21, 2017

Sabrina Shaw's Vista from Buenos Aires: From Hamburg to Buenos Aires — Education, Innovation and the Future of Work, September 8, 2017

Alissa Wang: Prospects for the BRICS Xiamen Summit, August 28, 2017

Ella Kokotsis: Trump's Dramatic Failure in Advancing Climate Change and U.S. Energy Security, August 22, 2017

Now available in Chinese from the China Development Press: Peter Hajnal's The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation

Matthew McIntosh: From COP21 in Paris to the G20 in Hamburg to COP23 in Bonn, August 1, 2017

Roland K. Jahnke interviews John Kirton on the G20 Research Group and the Hamburg Summit, July 8, 2017

Inge Kaul: For the G20 – Let's Return to the Original Idea, July 26, 2017

Dennis J. Snower: The G20 Summit Was More Successful Than You Think, July 11, 2017

Annie Beaulieu: A Focus on Sustainable Growth But No Mention of Tourism's Potential, July 13, 2017

Hélène Emorine and Denisse Rudich: G20 Hamburg Summit — A Strong Success for Counter-Terrorism, July 13, 2017

John Kirton: A Summit of Significant Success: The G20 at Hamburg, July 11, 2017 (updates his earlier assessment!)

John Kirton: A Summit of Solid Success at Hamburg, July 8, 2017

2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit Final Compliance Report (version of 6 July 2017) now available

John Kirton: A Strong Security Success at the Hamburg Summit, July 8, 2017

AVAILABLE NOW! G20 Germany: The Hamburg Summit 2017, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

The New Role of the G20: Safeguarding Global Governance from a Revisionist America, by Tristen Naylor, July 6, 2017

John Kirton: Canada's Approach to the G20 Hamburg Summit, July 6, 2017

John Kirton and Brittaney Warren: Where We Stand on G20 Implementation, ISPI, July 5, 2017

On the Margins: Meetings to Watch at the Hamburg G20, by Tristen Naylor, July 4, 2017

Courtney Hallink: G20 Africa and Climate Governance: Past Performance and Prospects for Hamburg, June 26, 2017

From Collision to Co-operation: Prospects for the Hamburg G20 Summit, by John Kirton, June 26, 2017

John Kirton, Brittaney Warren and Madeline Koch: Improving G20 Compliance to Control Climate Change, June 26, 2017

Heidi Ullrich: The G20 and the Digital Gender Divide, June 7, 2017

John Kirton: Argentina's Agenda for G20 2018, June 4, 2017

John Kirton: G20 Climate Change Control without the White House, June 2, 2017

Courtney Hallink: The G20's Governance of Africa-Related Issues, 2008-2016, updated, June 1, 2017

Think 20's Global Insights Platform: 88 policy proposals for the G20's Hamburg Summit from 12 task forces

Brittaney Warren and Meredith Williams: Recommendations Realized — The 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, May 5, 2017

Alexandre T. Gingras: A Waltz on the Red Line — Will the G20 Call the Tune Again?, April 10, 2017

Alissa Wang: From Tweeting to Talking — The Trump-Xi Relationship from Florida to Hamburg, April 10, 2017

2016 G20 Hangzhou Interim Compliance Report, April 8, 2017

Sarah Richardson: How Brexit's Article 50 Will Affect G7 and G20 Summitry in 2017, April 3, 2017

Brittaney Warren: Trump's Executive Order: A New Energy Era, April 3, 2017

Chiara Oldani: Governing Global Derivatives: G7/G20 Progress, Problem, Possibilities, March 20, 2017

Brittaney Warren: G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meet in Baden-Baden, March 18, 2017

All 28 commitments made by the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors at Baden-Baden, March 17-18, 2017

Chiara Oldani: The Pillars of the Italian G7 Presidency, February 11, 2017

John Kirton: The G20's Growing Security Governance Success, February 9, 2017

Courtney Hallink: Research Report on the G20's Governance of Africa-Related Issues, updated February 3, 2017

Courtney Hallink: Opening Up a Dialogue between the G20 and Africa, January 31, 2017

Brittaney Warren: From Trump's Inauguration to the G20 Hamburg Summit, January 25, 2017

Alissa Wang: Predicting China's G20 Compliance from Hangzhou to Davos, January 24, 2017

John Kirton: Xi Jinping's Global leadership at Davos 2017, January 8, 2017

G20 Summit Performance, 2008–2016, January 6, 2017

Brittaney Warren: Research Report on G20 International Financial Institution Commitments and Compliance, January 5, 2017

Brittaney Warren: Research Report on G20 Energy Commitments and Compliance, December 27, 2016

Chiara Oldani: Italy's New-Old Government, December 21, 2016

Updated, with new scores: The 2015 G20 Antalya Final Compliance Report, December 10, 2016

Now available: The 2015 G20 Antalya Summit Compliance Report on Young Entrepreneurship, December 12, 2016

Meredith Williams: Can the T20 Help the G20 Meet the Challenges of Financial Regulation?, December 2, 2016

ICC releases its G20 Scorecard on the G20's business policy priorities, December 1, 2016

T20 Germany to co-host "Africa and the G20: Building Alliances for Sustainable Development" with the South African Institute for International Affairs, johannesburg, February 2-3, 2017

John Kirton and Madeline Koch: The Hamburg Summit's Challenge of Shaping an Interconnected World in a Way that Works for Migrants and Refugees, December 1, 2016

Brittaney Warren: Research Report on G20 Climate Change Commitments and Compliance, November 28, 2016

Chiara Oldani: Italy, China and Sardinia, November 24, 2016

Hanh Nguyen: Climate Finance under New U.S. Presidency, November 23, 2016

John Kirton: China's Global Leadership at APEC and Anhui, November 23, 2016

John Kirton in Bantang: Could China Lead the G20 in Combating Non-communicable Diseases?, November 18, 2016

John Kirton in Hefei: Innovation for Environmental Protection from Hangzhou to Hefei, November 17, 2016

John Kirton in Beijing: From Hangzhou to Fabo: Implementing Innovation after China's G20 Summit, November 15, 2016

John Kirton in Beijing: China's G20 Leadership with Trump, November 14, 2016

John Kirton: The G7's Merkel and Trudeau React to Trump, November 12, 2016

John Kirton: President Trump Meets the G7 and the G20, November 11, 2016

John Kirton: The G20 Hamburg Summit's Priority Agenda, October 31, 2016

Maria Marchyshyn: Will Germany Complete the Missing Pieces from Hangzhou? October 16, 2016

Brittaney Warren and John Kirton: Will the G20 Keep Its Promises to Reform the International Financial Institutions? October 6, 2016

Matthew McIntosh: The Hangzhou Summit and the Case of Youth Unemployment, October 6, 2016

Denisse Rudich: Ensuring a smooth transition from Hangzhou to Hamburg, October 4, 2016

G20 Climate Initiatives 2016, a report prepared by the G20 Climate Change Initiatives Team for the Hangzhou Summit

Tristen Naylor on China's G20 Summit: How Not to Do Message Control, September 18, 2016

Denisse Rudich and Marissa Young: EU Leaders Welcome the Chinese Presidency of the G20 Summit, September 8, 2016

John Kirton: A Summit of Significant Success — G20 Leaders at the 2016 Hangzhou Summit, September 7, 2016

Alissa Wang: BRICS Summit: Has a Bridge Been Built? September 5, 2016

Courtney Hallink: Senegal's Macky Sall at the G20 Hangzhou Summit — Included Guest or Sidelined Observer? September 4, 2016

Marissa Young:A Fundamental Gap: Why China's G20 Must Address Health Security, September 4, 2016

Alissa Wang: China's Coordination of the G20 and BRICS Summits, September 4, 2016

Daniel C. Park: Sluggish Growth Cannot Count: Back to the Drawing Board for World Leaders? September 3, 2016

Andrew F. Liu: Mobilizing a Reformed International Monetary Fund, September 3, 2016

2015 Antalya Summit Final Compliance Report now available, September 3, 2016

Tristram Sainsbury: China's G20 Moment Approaches, September 2, 2016

It's here! Download your copy of G20 China: The Hangzhou Summit, with articles by Xi Jinpeng, Justin Trudeau, Enrique Peña Nieto, Jacob Zuma, Jean-Claude Juncker and MORE!

G20 Governance in Africa: Past Performance, Prospects for Hangzhou, Research Report by Courtney Hallink, September 1, 2016

John Kirton: The Hangzhou Summit's First Small Step to Control Climate Change, August 31, 2016

Alissa Wang: Prospects for the 2016 BRICS Goa Summit, August 30, 2016

John Kirton: President Xi Jinping's Priorities for the G20's Hangzhou Summit, August 30, 2016

Guo Shuyong: Competition among the Three Systems for Global Governance and Their Future Prospects, August 26, 2016 (also available in Chinese)

Zheng Chunrong: Germany and the G20, August 26, 2016

Caitlin Byrne: G20 Public Diplomacy: A Global Governance Imperative, August 25, 2016

Tristram Sainsbury: Responding to Growing Anti-Globalization Sentiment, August 25, 2016

Ella Kokotsis: G20-UN Relationship in Global Climate Governance, August 24, 2016

John Kirton: China's G20 Leadership with the United Nations, August 23, 2016

Tristen Naylor: The G20 and 21st-Century Communication, August 1, 2016

Steven Slaughter: G20 Outreach during Australia's Presidency, July 2016

Marek Rewizorski: The Partnership of Convenience: The OECD and the G20 in Global Governance, July 2016

G20 finance commitments, Chengdu, July 23-24, 2016

Alissa Wang: The G20 Finance Ministerial Meeting at Chengdu, July 25, 2016 – also available in Chinese

John Kirton: A Disappointing Response to Global Dangers from G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors at Chengdu, July 24, 2016

Hanh Nguyen: Integrating a Gender-Responsive Approach in Climate Change Decision Making, July 22, 2016

2015 Antalya Summit Interim Compliance Report now available

Kathryn Kotris: Promising Policies for Persistent Problems in Trade, July 17, 2016

John Kirton: The South China Sea Dispute from Japan's G7 to China's G20 Summit, July 7, 2017

Brittaney Warren: G20 Energy Ministers Meet Again, July 6, 2016

Hot off the press from Routledge! John Kirton's China's G20 Leadership

Rohinton Medhora: The G20's "Development" Agenda: Fundamental, Not a Sidebar, CIGI Policy Brief No. 80

Brittaney Warren: G20 Agriculture Ministers Discuss Hunger, Poverty, Climate and Intensive Agriculture, June 7, 2016

Watch a short video about the G7 Research Group's compliance work, by Ginger Vaughn and Liz Noh (the G20 Research Group produces similar compliance reports!)

John Kirton: Building a Sustainable Silk Road, May 22, 2016

Madeline Koch: Connecting G20 Summitry with Citizenry, May 16, 2016

Compliance Coding Manual updated, May 2, 2016

Janel Smith: Building Resilient Societies to Counter Global Terrorism, March 31, 2016

Caitlin Byrne: China — Competent Yet Constrained on G20 Public Diplomacy, April 1, 2016

Gregory Chin and Hugo Dobson: China's Presidency of the G20 Hangzhou: On Global Leadership and Strategy, Global Summitry, March 2016

John Kirton, Ella Kokotsis and Aurora Hudson: Explaining Global Leadership in Climate Security for Peace: G7/8, G20 and UN Contributions, March 22, 2016

Zhu Jiejin: G20 Institutional Transition and Global Tax Governance, Pacific Review

Annie Beaulieu: Azerbaijan as an example of the G20's agenda on sustainable development, tourism and trade, March 16, 2016

Jonathan Luckhurst: No G20 Policy Shift, Despite Shanghai's Focus on Sustainable Growth, February 29, 2016

John Kirton: Shanghai's Solid, Slow Start to China's G20 Year, February 28, 2016

G20 finance commitments, Shanghai, February 26-27, 2016

Jonathan Luckhurst: Prospects and Prescriptions for the G20's Shanghai Finance Meeting, February 19, 2016

Kateryna Dzhaha: Will the G20 Finance Ministerial in Shanghai Lead Global Financial Regulation in the Right Direction? February 19, 2016

Peter I. Hajnal reviews G20 Governance for a Globalized View in E-International Relations

Brittaney Warren: China's First G20 Sherpa Meeting and Beyond, February 11, 2016

G20 leaders' conclusions on exchange rates since 2008

Kateryna Dzhaha: Is the G20 Ready for the Next Global Financial Crisis? February 4, 2016

Brittaney Warren on dealing with disruptive technologies and the costs and benefits

Global Health Policy in the G7 & G20 at the World Health Summit in Berlin, with Joe Cerrell, Norbert Hauser, Mitchell Morris, Michael Myers and Hiroki Nakatani

Alev Kayagil: The Conversation on Climate-Induced Migration, December 15, 2015

Antalya Summit commitments from the communiqué and the statement on terrorism, November 19, 2015

All G20 summit commitments since 2008

John Kirton on Innovative Implementation for Impact: Prospects and Proposals for China’s G20 Priorities in 2016, December 11, 2015

John Kirton: The United Nations, Global Economic Governance and the G20, December 11, 2015

Lida Preyma: Companies Need to Know Who They Are Doing Business With: Why Beneficial Ownership Transparency Matters, December 9, 2015

G20 Gender Equality Performance in Antalya: Meagre Action, More Accountability, a research report by Julia Kulik, December 3, 2015

The Importance of Implementation in China’s 2016 G20 Agenda, a research report by John Kirton, December 3, 2015

Alev Kayagil: Turkey's 2023 Vision, December 2, 2015

Aurora Hudson: Complying with Global Summit Climate Change Commitments: G7, G20 and UN Performance, December 1, 2015

Employment Advances at Antalya's G20 Summit, a research report by Caroline Bracht, December 1, 2015

Ella Kokotsis: G7 and G20 Contributions to Mitigating Climate Change — Then and Now, December 1, 2015

Alev Kayagil: The Turkish Presidency and the G20, November 27, 2015

John Kirton: The Agenda of China's 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, November 19, 2015

The G20 Antalya Summit: Expectations, Results and the Road Ahead, by Emma Best, Philip Gazaleh, Matthew Gumley, Taylor Grott and Antonia Tsapralis, November 16, 2015

John Kirton on Radio Sputnik World Service, November 16, 2015

John Kirton: The G20 Antalya Summit's Substantial Success

Draft G20 leaders communiqué, November 16, 2015

Check out G20 Live — reports and videos direct from the Antalya Summit!

Julia Kulik: G20 Gender Policy Accountability

G20 leaders' conclusions on terrorism, 2008–2014 (see also what finance ministers concluded from 1999 to 2009)

Tristen Naylor: Terrorism in an impetus for the G20 to expand its remit and Terrorism, ISIS and Syria: The Evolution of the G20

John Kirton: How Will Canada's Justin Trudeau Respond to the Paris Attacks at Antalya? November 14, 2015

From Paris to Antalya: The Terrorist Spur to the G20's Success in Antalya, by John Kirton on November 14, 2015

2014 Brisbane G20 Summit Final Compliance Report tracks progress on how well the G20 has done since last year

Caroline Bracht on the G20 Governance of Social Policy:
Social Protection, Employment and Education
, November 12, 2015

Now available: G20 Turkey: The Antalya Summit 2015, with articles by Turkey's President Recep Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and many more

See "Combatting Terrorism, Ottawa 2001," Chapter 5 in John Kirton's G20 Governance for a Globalized World

G20 leaders' conclusions on gender, 2008–2014

Delivering Sustainable Energy Access, free digital book by John Kirton with features by the World Bank, the Africa Progress Panel and Power Africa

2014 G20 Brisbane Summit Interim Compliance Report now available

Adolf Kloke-Lesch on The G20 and the Sustainable Development Goals: Reflections on Future Roles and Tasks

The Global Governance of Climate Change: G8, G20 and UN Leadership, by John Kirton and Ella Kokotsis, and now available from Ashgate Publishing

Check out our latest partnership, with blog posts, articles, newsletter and more on the G20:

How's your German? Jennifer Gronau: Die Selbstlegitimation internationaler Institutionen. G8 und G20 im Vergleich

G20 Monitor: investment, Inclusiveness, Implementation and Health Governance, with articles by John Kirton and Julia Kulik, Leon Berkelsmans, Stephen Grenville, Tristram Sainsbury and Hannah Wurf, April 9, 2015

John Kirton and Caroline Bracht: Explaining Compliance with Regional and Global Summit Commitments: CARICOM, UN, G8 and G20 Action on Non-communicable Disease, February 21, 2015

Greg Chin and Hugo Dobson: China as G20 Host in 2016: Dawn of Asian Global Leadership? in Global Policy, March 3, 2015

List of documents for coding for commitments and compliance, February 13, 2015

G20 Summit Commitments by Issue: 2008 to 2014, posed on February 8, 2015

Domenico Lombardi and Yu Yongding: China's G20 Moment

Special issue of the International Organisations Research Journal on global summitry, with articles by Anthony Payne, Andrew Baker, Dries Lesage, Marina Larionova, John Kirton and more

G20 Summit Compliance Data Set: 2008–2013, January 21, 2015

Read all the commitments made by the G20 leaders at the Brisbane Summit

John Kirton: The Performance of the G20 Brisbane Summit, December 4, 2014

Address by Ahmet Davutoglu, Prime Minister of Turkey, at our pre-summit conference with Turkey, November 14, 2014

The G20 Brisbane Summit: Expectations, Results and the Road Ahead, by Caitlin Gillespie, Antonia Tsapralis, Theodora Mladenova, Jose Isla Gomez, Artur Pereira and Casimir Legrand

Julia Kulik and Caroline Bracht: Sticking to the Core, Ignoring the Current – The 2014 Brisbane G20 Summit, November 16, 2014

Kathryn Kotris: Brisbane 2014 Trade Report, November 16, 2014

John Kirton: A Summit of Small, Selective Success – Deep Disappointment at the Brisbane G20 in 2014, November 16, 2014

CIGI briefing with John Kirton, Bessma Momani and Tom Bernes at Brisbane, November 16, 2014 [video]

Julia Kulik: Slow Learners Confront a Swift Disease – The Brisbane G20's Response to Ebola

John Kirton: The G20 Discovers Global Health at Brisbane, November 15, 2024

2013 St Petersburg Summit Final Compliance Report, updated November 15, 2014

2013 St. Petersburg G20 Summit Compliance Report: Youth Entrepreneurship, produced by the G20 Research Group and the Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance

John Kirton's Prospects and Prescriptions for Full-Strength Success at Brisbane, November 13, 2014

John Kirton on A Summit of Significant, Selective Success: Prospects and Possibilities for the Brisbane G20

Now available online (soon to be available in Brisbane!): G20 — The Australia Summit: Brisbane, with a special article by the Hon. Tony Abbott

John Kirton on Raising Our Signts: Standards for a Strong Success at the G20 Brisbane Summit

University of Melbourne launches G20 Watch

John Kirton: The G20 System Still Works – Better than Ever

Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy: Forum on the Future of the G20 – articles by Andrew F. Cooper, Anthony Payne, Mike Callaghan, Amrita Narlikar and John Kirton

2013 St Petersburg Summit Interim Compliance Report now available

István Taróssy on G20 Governance for a Globalized World in The Round Table

John Kirton at the 2014 G20 YEA — Identifying the Problems: Government, Taxation and Regulation in SMEs and Australia's G20 Priorities

G20 ministers just overcome the old trade barriers: John Kirton at Griffith University

John Kirton: Building Food Security and Business Opportunity Together, July 17, 2014

John Kirton: Adaptability and Accountability in Human Capital for the Future, July 17, 2014

John Kirton: Reaching out to Business and Beyond to Make the Brisbane G20 Summit a Success, July 17, 2014

John Kirton: A Business Boost for Brisbane's Summit from the B20's Strong Sydney Start, July 16, 2014

B20 briefing with Richard Goyder and Robert Milliner, Sydney, July 16, 2014

Marek Rewizorski on The Political Playground: The St. Petersburg Summit in the Polish Media, July 14, 2014

Assessing National Integrity Systems in the G20 and Beyond, a workshop with Transparency International at Griffith University in Brisbane

Griffith University and the Lowy Institute: The G20 and Development, May 5, 2014

Think20 2014: Progress Report on Australia's G20 Presidency, from the Lowy Institute for International Policy, with contributions from John Kirton, Barry Carin, Guven Sak, Andrés Rozental, and more

Kirton, Kulik, Bracht and Guebert: Connecting Climate Change and Health through Global Summitry, World Health and Medical Policy, March 2014

Third ICC G20 Scorecard published

Now available! Peter I. Hajnal's The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation, from Ashgate

Enjoy one month of free digital access to Global Financial Crisis: Global Impact and Solutions, edited by Paolo Savona, John J. Kirton and Chiara Oldani, by subscribing to Ashgate by February 24, 2014.

John Ravenhill: Australia and the G20 –  A Non-Official Perspective, presentation to conference on G8 and G20 Summitry, January 10, 2014

Michael Wilson: G20 Economic Governance, presentation to conference on G8 and G20 Summitry, January 10, 2014

Sylvia Ostry: The Making of Summitry, Canadian International Council, January 10, 2014

John Kirton: Explaining G20 Success, Brisbane, December 17, 2013

John Kirton: Making the G20 Work for Brisbane, Business and the World, Brisbane, December 17, 2013

John Kirton in the People's Daily: A Changing China's Contribution to World Growth [English] [Chinese]

Think20 policy recommendations for the Brisbane G20 Summit

OECD launches G20 microsite

John Kirton: A Summit of Very Substantial Success: G20 Governance of the Global Economy and Security at St. Petersburg, September 6, 2013

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: A Summit Worth Watching, September 5, 2013

John Kirton: A Summit of Substantial Success — Prospects for the St. Petersburg Summit

John Kirton: The Syrian Shock to the St. Petersburg G20 Summit

2012 Los Cabos Final Compliance Report, September 4, 2013

Now available! Russia's G20 Summit: St Petersburg 2013, with contributions from Vladimir Putin, Enrique Peña Nio, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Jacob Zuma, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and more, including special feature by Stephen Harper

Audio: Experts' Vision of the Significance of the G20, G8 and BRICS for Russia, with Marina Larionova, John Kirton, Mark Rakhmangulov and Sergey Drobinsky

Caroline Bracht: Comparison of G20 Compliance Data, 2008-12

Pre-Summit Conference: G20 Partnership for Growth and Jobs, Moscow, August 29, 2013 — presentations

John Kirton: Canada Set to Score a Substantial Success at the G20's St. Petersburg Summit

G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and Ernst & Young: Avoiding a Lost Generation

John Kirton and Dilbar Sadykova: Russia's Contribution to G20 Summitry

G20 Plans and Preparations for the St. Petersburg Summit: August 25/13

Marina Larionova and Andrey Shelepov: Reinvigorating Growth Potential: Priorities for the Central Bank of Russia

Lowy Institute: Development and the G20

Zhu Jiejin: Institutionalization of the G20

John Kirton on G20 governance: Ashgate publishing blog

Civil 20 Proposals for Strong, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

G20-B20 Dialogue Efficiency Task Force report

John Kirton: G20-G8 Partnership in Global Economic Governance

John Kirton: Winning Together – Advanced Countries' Approach to G20 Governance

John Kirton: A Meeting of Minimum Successs – The April 2013 Meeting of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

Chiara Oldani: Derivati ed energia: la gestione dei nuovi rischi globali

G20 Governance for a Globalized World, by John Kirton — now available from Ashgate Publishing

John Kirton, Julia Kulik and Caroline Bracht: Canada's Compliance with the G20’s Los Cabos Business Commitments to October 2012

John Kirton, Caroline Bracht and Leanne Rasmussen: Implementing the G20 Seoul Development and Employment Commitments

Y.K. Alagh, Dev Nathan, A.N. Sharma, Preet Rustagi and Sudha Shrodria: The G20, the Seoul Development Consensus and India

Isabel Studer and Talia Contreras: Assessing the Seoul Summit Development Commitments – Case Study Mexico

Mapping G20 Decisions Implementation: How G20 Is Delivering on the Decisions Made, by HSE IORI and the G20 Research Group

John Kirton: Strengthening Global and Regional Macroeconomic Growth – G20 Performance and Prospects

John Kirton: Prospects for the G20's Brisbane Summit 2014 (listen to the podcast here)

John Kirton: Democratizing G20 Governance – Performance and Possibilities

John Kirton: The G20's Global Governance – Working for the World

John Kirton: How the G20 Has Escaped Diminishing Returns

Julia Kulik: Where Were the Women at Los Cabos?

Lee Dong-hwi: Challenges for the G20 after the Mexican Summit

Marina Larionova: From the Mexican to the Russian G20 Presidency

Adriana Labardini: The Banking System: For Whom and For What Purpose?

Homi Kharas and Domenico Lombardi: The Group of Twenty – Origins, Prospects and Challenges for Global Governance

Lida Preyma: Financial Markets — Something Significant or Status Quo?

John Kirton: Academics, Analysis and Accountability – Contributions to G20 Governance

Mabruk Kabir: G20 Poicy on Financial Inclusion

Tristen Naylor: Civil Society Inclusion in the G20

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: The Shortcomings of the G20 Los Cabos Summit

2011 Cannes Final Compliance Report now available (referred to as a league table by UK prime minister David Cameron)

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: Los Cabos is A Summit of Significant Success

Julia Kulik: Where Are the Women at G20 Summits?

John Kirton: The Los Cabos Summit's Strong Start

Andrew F. Cooper: The G20 as a Global Focus Group

John Kirton and Caroline Bracht: The BRICS Big Boost for the G20 Los Cabos Summit Success

John Kirton, Julia Kulik and Leanne Rasmussen: A Firm Foundation for Los Cabos – G20 Summit Performance, 2008-11

John Kirton: G7 as First Responder to Financial Crises, on eve of G20 summit

2011 Cannes Final Compliance Report now available

Jay Naidoo: Improving nutrition for Africa’s food security

José Graziano da Silva: Feeding the world

Lars Thunell: Financing food security: the role of the private sector

Kanayo Nwanze: Investing in agriculture to drive sustainable development

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: Delivering a Double Divident – Prospects for the G20 at the Los Cabos Summit

Felipe Calderon's vision for the Los Cabos Summit

Julia Gillard: A relentless focus on global economic and financial prosperity

Lee Myung-bak: Maintaining momentum towards growth

Jacob Zuma: South Africa's philosophy of interconnectedness

The G20 Mexico Summit 2012: The Quest for Growth and Stability, now available

John Kirton: Connecting Young Entrepreneurship to G20 Governance

The G8 Camp David Summit 2012: The Road to Recovery now available, with many articles of interest to G20 watchers

Commitments made at the 2011 Cannes Summit

John Kirton: Japan's Contribution to G8, G20 and Global Governance

Plans and Preparations for G20 summit (updated January 31/12)

G20 leaders conclusions on financial crises, 2008-11

Lee Dong-hwi on the 2011 Cannes Summit: Assessments and Implications

Lida Preyma: Update on the Cannes Summit for capital markets

Seminar: The G20 after the Cannes Summit, with contributions from Hall Gardner, Kimon Valaskakis, Giovanni Grevi, Nicholas Bayne and more

Russia’s Global Health Governance Gap: A Strategy for Summit Success, by Julia Kulik

Caroline Bracht: G20 accountability on climate change and energy

John Kirton: G20 Development Governance, 1999-2011

G20 leaders' conclusions on energy, exchange rates, health and more

G20 Cannes Performance Assessments for Brazil, India and the United States

Marina Larionova: Assessing G8 and G20 Effectiveness in Global Governance So Far

Victoria Panova: Russia at the G20 Summit

Nicholas Bayne's thoughts on the Cannes Summit

Andrew F. Cooper: Close Up at the Cannes Summit

Hugo Dobson: From No-Kan-Do to a Cannes-Do Attitude

John Kirton: Cannes 2011 – A Summit of Substantial Success

The 2010 Seoul G20 Summit Final Compliance Report now available

Wilhelm Hofmeister and Susanna Vogt: G20: Perceptions and Perspectives for Global Governance

The G20 Cannes Summit 2011: A New Way Forward, with articles by Lee, Calderon, Erdogan, Obama, Ahluwalia, Dvorkovich and more

John Kirton: Prospects for the Cannes Summit

Karoline Postel-Vinay: Le G20, Laboratoire d'un monde émergent

Thijs Van de Graaf and Kristen Westphal: The G8 and the G20 as Global Steering Committees for Energy

Club of Madrid's Key Messages to the G20 (in English and Spanish)

John Kirton and Laurette Dubé: From New York to Cannes: Baby Steps in the Battle against NCDs, September 21

John Kirton and Laurette Dubé: Modern Pandemic Requires Radical Shift in Thinking, September 21

2010 Seoul G20 Summit Interim Compliance Report released

G20: les enjeux de la présidence française, with contributions by Karoline Postel-Vinay, Christian de Boissieu and more

Heinrich Böll Foundation's G20-related resources, including G20 Updates

Juha Jokela: The G20 — A Pathway to Effective Multilateralism?

Commitments made at the 2010 Seoul Summit

Recent publications by Katharina Gnath and Claudia Schmucker

G20 leaders' conclusions and finance ministers' conclusions on climate change

John Kirton: Brazil's Contribution to G20 and Global Governance, ENERI

G20 leaders' conclusions on climate change

John Kirton: A Sound Start at the G20 finance ministerial, February 19, 2011

Andreas Freytag, John Kirton, Razeen Sally and Paolo Savona, eds.: Securing the Global Economy

John Kirton: Why the G8 Will Endure

John Kirton: Enhancing Effectiveness through Improved Accountability Assessment

John Kirton: The G20, the G8, the G5 and the Role of Ascending Powers

Lee Dong-hwi: G20 Seoul Summit Assessment and Future Prospects (also available in Korean)

Photos of G20 Research Group members at the summit

Creating a More Collaborative Asian Leadership for the G20: Full Report

G20 Accountability: Taking Stock of the Pledges Due at the Seoul Summit

Domenico Lombardi: U.S. Politics after Seoul: The Reality of International Cooperation

Jenilee Guebert and Robin Lennox: Health at the G20 Summit?

2010 G20 Toronto Summit Compliance Report, updated November 14/10

John Kirton: A Summit of Substantial Success – The Performance of the Seoul G20 (draft of November 13/10)

John Kirton and Zaria Shaw: G20 Accountability Report on Domestic Financial Regulation (updated November 10/10)

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