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Science 20

Note: This is not an exhaustive or complete list of all documents produced by the S20, an official engagement of the G20.

July 21-22, 2023, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

September 20-21, 2022, Jakarta, Indonesia

September 28-29, 2021, Rome, Italy: Science 20 and Social Sciences and Humanities 20

September 25-26, 2020, King Abdullah Economic City (originally scheduled for Jeddah), Saudi Arabia

March 6, 2019, Tokyo, Japan
Chaired by the Science Council of Japan

July 24-25, 2018, Rosario, Argentina
Chaired by the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (ANCEFN) and the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Rosario

March 22, 2017, Berlin, Germany
Chaired by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

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