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Raising Our Sights:
Standards for Strong Success at the G20 Brisbane Summit

John Kirton, Co-director, G20 Research Group
November 6, 2014

What will define success at the G20's Brisbane Summit? This question came from Mike Callaghan (2014) in an important article appearing on November 3, 2014, twelve days before the summit's start on November 15. Using his intimate knowledge of G20 governance and his independent judgement, he astutely offered a smart, sophisticated set of answers about what the leaders at Brisbane must do to produce a G20 summit success. It is the correct set — if one wants Brisbane to be a summit of solid success. But if one wants, and if the world now needs, these leaders to go beyond this standard, they must raise their sights to make Brisbane a strong success. They can do so by adding additional initiatives and agenda items to the Callaghan List, as described below.

Growth Strategies




Financial Regulation


IMF Reform



Climate Change




Geopolitical Risks


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