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G20 Meetings of Tourism Ministers

2022, August 2, Bali
2021, May 4, virtual
Communiqué, May 4, 2021
Annex A: G20 Rome Guidelines for the Future of Tourism: OECD Report to the G20 Tourism Working Group [PDF], delivered May 4, 2021
Annex B: Recommendations for the Transition to a Green Travel and Tourism Economy [PDF], May 4, 2021
Press release: G20 Ministerial Meeting dedicated to the tourism sector, with media handbook [PDF], April 30, 2021
2020: October 7, Saudi Arabia (originally scheduled for King Abdullah Economic City, October 10)
Diriyah communiqué with three annexes, October 7, 2020
Press release, October 6, 2020
2020: April 24, virtual
G20 Tourism Ministers' Statement on COVID-19, April 24, 2020
Press release, April 22, 2020
2019: October 25-26, Kutchan, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Declaration: Advancing Tourism's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Annex 1: Actions for Women's Empowerment in the Field of Tourism
Annex 2: Actions for Strengthening the Resiliency of Tourism
2018: April 16-17, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Statement: The Future of Work Tourism's Leading Role in Sustainable Development: A Driver for Employment, April 17, 2018
2016: May 20, Beijing, China
Declaration: Sustainable Tourism — An Effective Tool for Inclusive Development
2015: September 30, Antalya, Turkey
2013: November 3-4, London, England
2012: May 16, Merida, Mexico
2011: October 25, Paris, France
2010: October 11-13, Buyeo, Korea
2010: February 22-24, Johannesburg, South Africa

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