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Advancing Transparency in Regional Trade Agreements

September 6, 2013, St Petersburg

With the large number of RTAs currently in place or being negotiated, G20 members are committed to ensuring full compliance with RTA existing transparency obligations under the WTO and as agreed under the WTO Transparency Mechanism for Regional Trade Agreements.

G20 members fully appreciate WTO Members' efforts to provide for a transparent environment for RTAs that supports the multilateral trading system. We emphasize the central role of the WTO in this work and call on its Members to continue these efforts in particular with a view to:

We further reaffirm that RTAs should remain complementary to, not a substitute for, the multilateral trading system.

We support the WTO Transparency Mechanism for RTAs adopted in 2006 and implemented on a provisional basis. In order to strengthen the system of WTO surveillance of RTAs, we propose to discuss at the WTO making this mechanism permanent. We call for full adherence to the WTO rules and procedures in respect of RTA notifications and stress the significance of this work:

We urge WTO members to advance their discussions of the systemic implications of the increasing number of RTAs on the multilateral trading system.

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Source: Official G20 website of the Russian Presidency

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