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G20 Information Centre
provided by the G20 Research Group

G20 Meetings
of Labour and Employment Ministers

2024: July 25-26, Fortaleza, Brazil
2023: July 20-21, Indore, India
Outcome Document and Chair's Summary, July 21, 2023
G20 Policy Options for Sustainable Financing of Social Protection, July 21, 2023
G20 Policy Priorities on Strategies to Address Skill Gaps Globally, July 21, 2023
G20 Policy Priorities on Adequate and Sustainable Social Protection and Decent Work for Gig and Platform Workers, July 21, 2023
2022: September 13-14, Bali, Indonesia
Chair's summary
Action Plan on Accelerating and Monitoring the G20 Principles for the Labour Market Integration of Persons with Disabilities [PDF]
The G20 Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Growth and Productivity in Human Capacity Development through Strengthening Community-Based Vocational Training (CBVT) [PDF]
Policy Recommendation on Promoting Entrepreneurship and Supporting MSMEs as a Job Creation Instrument [PDF]
G20 Policy Principles on Adapting Labour Protection for More Effective Protection and Increased Resilience for All Workers [PDF]
Update of the G20 Skills Strategy [PDF]
2021: June 22-23, Catania, Italy
Education and labour and employment ministers: Declaration, June 22
G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration, with five appendices, June 23
Press briefing with Andrea Orlando, Italy's minister of labour, June 23
Press briefing with Patrizio Bianchi, Italy's minister of education, June 22
2020: September 10, virtual, hosted by Saudi Arabia
Ministerial declaration
2020: April 23, virtual meeting, hosted by Saudi Arabia
G20 Labor and Employment Ministers' Statement on COVID-19, April 23, 2020
Press release, April 17, 2020
2019: September 1-2, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Labour and employment ministers: Ministerial Declaration, September 2
2018: September 6-7, Mendoza, Argentina
Ministers responsible for education and employment: Joint Declaration 2018, September 6
Ministers of employment and labour: Declaration 2018, September 7
2017: May 18-19, Bad Neuenahr, Germany
Labour Ministers
Towards an Inclusive Future: Shaping the World of Work, with five appendices
  • A: G20 Priorities on the Future of Work
  • B: G20 Policy Recommendations to Reduce Gender Gaps in Labour Force Participation and Pay by Improving Women's Job Quality
  • C: G20 Policy Practices for the Fair and Effective Labour Market Integration of Regular Migrants and Recognised Refugees
  • D: G20 Statement on the Global Prevention Initiative 'Vision Zero Fund'
  • E: List of Reports Prepared by International Organisations
  • 2016: July 11-13, Beijing, China
    Labour and Employment Ministers
  • Declaration, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 1: G20 Entrepreneurship Action Plan, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 2: Policy Recommendations to Enhance Employability, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 3: G20 Initiative to Promote Quality Apprenticeship, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 4: Sustainable Wage Policy Principles, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 5: Policy Recommendations for Promoting More Equitable and Sustainable Social Protection Systems, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 6: G20 Employment Working Group Multi-Year Agenda, July 13, 2016
  • Annex 7: List of Reports prepared by International Organizations, July 13, 2016
  • 2015: September 3-4, Ankara, Turkey
    Labour and Employment Ministers
  • G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration: Creating Quality Jobs for All, Investing in Skills and Reducing Inequalities to Promote Inclusive and Robust Growth, September 4, 2015
  • 2015: September 4, Ankara, Turkey
    Finance and Labour Ministers
  • Chair's Statement
  • 2014: September 10-11, Melbourne, Australia
    Labour and Employment Ministers
  • G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declaration: Preventing Structural Unemployment, Creating Better Jobs and Boosting Participation, September 11, 2014
  • Annex A: Policy priorities for preventing unemployment from becoming structural
  • Annex B: Policy priorities for creating better jobs
  • Annex C: G20 Statement on Safer and Healthier Workplaces
  • Annex D: Policy priorities for boosting female participation, quality of employment and gender equity
  • Annex E: Reports received
  • 2013: July 18-19, Moscow, Russia
    Labour and Employment and Finance Ministers
  • Labour and Employment and Finance Ministers' Communiqué [English]
  • Labour and Employment Ministers; Declaration [English]
  • 2012: May 17-18, Guadalajara, Mexico
    Labour and Employment Ministers
  • Conclusions, including the Task Force Conclusions of the G20 Strategies on Youth Employment, May 18, 2012 [English PDF] [Español PDF]
  • 2011: September 26-27, Paris, France
    Labour Ministers
  • Conclusions, September 27, 2011 [English] [Français]
  • 2010: April 20-21, Washington DC, United States
  • Recommendations to G20 leaders, April 21, 2010 [HTML]
  • Recommendations to U.S. president Barack Obama, April 21, 2010 [HTML]
  • Participants [HTML]
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