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Annex 2: Actions for Strengthening the Resiliency of Tourism

G20 Tourism Ministers' Meeting
Kutchan, Hokkaido, Japan, 26 October 2019

Tourism is vulnerable to external forms of disasters - both natural and man-made. The protection of tourists and the recovery from disasters are recognized as key issues all over the world.

Each country is faced with disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, heavy rain, flooding, volcanic eruptions, terror attacks and infectious diseases, and has experience in disaster prevention, response and recovery related to such disasters. Countries have the opportunity to cooperate in improving world tourism resilience against disasters by taking voluntary actions as follows:

  1. Countries can voluntarily share their knowledge and experience on crisis management and recovery from disasters with G20 member countries and the UNWTO.
  2. The UNWTO and volunteer countries will investigate the best practices in the field of tourism in each phase of disaster prevention, response and reconstruction, and share the results at international conferences and with G20 member countries.
  3. Countries can voluntarily support developing countries to improve their capacity of disaster prevention, response and recovery in the field of tourism.
  4. Countries who volunteer can endeavor to proactively provide accurate and timely information which lives up to the standard of international organizations so that the public can make informed decisions about visiting a destination and protecting themselves.

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Source: Japan Tourism Agency

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