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Prospective Agenda of the 2018 Buenos Aires Summit

John Kirton, Director, G20 Research Group
November 27, 2018

This unofficial report, compiled by and for the G20 Research Group, is based on usually reliable sources but could change as the agenda changes on the summit's eve.

Friday, November 30

10:30 Leaders' Retreat: "A Fair and Sustainable Future"

Global opportunities and challenges in the next decade, prospects for international policy coordination, the impact of technological transformation on daily lives, government responses to social change and public demands, the need for collective action, the value added of the G20.

12:00 Official Greeting by President Macri and Family Photo

12:30 Opening Remarks by President Macri

12:45 – 16:45 Leaders' Plenary Sessions

Session 1: Working Lunch on "Putting People First"

Global economy, future of work, women's empowerment, the current global economic outlook, promoting inclusive growth, gender equality, technological impacts on work, a robust international financial architecture

Session 2: "Building Consensus"

International trade, international financial systems, tax, including current developments in international trade, improving the multilateral trade system, challenges to the international financial and tax systems, a robust international financial system response to emerging challenges.

18:30 Cultural Event at the Teatro Colón

A live performance for the leaders, their spouses and their guests

Saturday, December 1

10:00 – 14:00 Leaders' Plenary Sessions

Session 2 on "Building Consensus" continued

Sustainable development, climate sustainability, including inequality, firer more inclusive societies, progress on global sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda, climate sustainability, the response to climate change.

Session 3: Working lunch on "Embracing the Opportunities"

Infrastructure, energy transitions, sustainable food future, including connectivity, cleaner, more flexible and transparent energy systems, agricultural productivity, people's dietary needs.

14:45 Closing Press Conference by President Macri

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